Shop By Color

Many of our customers often ask us to recommend specific oil paintings that will match the color palette of their design elements, such as furniture, wall color, flooring, and other room accessories. We invite you to shop our extensive online gallery by searching for the dominant color present in the oil paintings that will complement your room’s decor.

Simply click on any color to view all the oil paintings with that dominant color.

Alabaster White
Apricot Peach
Aqua Blue
Bluish Green
Carnation Red
Champagne Beige
Chestnut Brown
Clay Brown
Coastal Blue
Cool Blue
Coral Red
Cream Yellow
Desert Tan
Dusty Rose
Dusty Taupe
Farmyard Brown
Forest Green
Golden Peach
Goldenrod Yellow
Harvest Tan
Ironside Blue
Khaki Green
Leather Brown
Lexington Tan
Light Pink
Medium Blue
Mellow Yellow
Midnight Gray
Mossy Gray
Mountain Blue
Musk Blue
Mustard Yellow
Nutmeg Brown
Passion Purple
Peach Beige
Pebble Gray
Peppermint Green
Periwinkle Blue
Pink Rose
Pottery Red
Prairie Green
Praline Orange
Pure Orange
Purple Haze
Putty Gray
Rouge Red
Sage Green
Shaded Yellow
Sky Blue
Slate Blue
Soft Green
Soft Lavender
Spring Green
Tangerine Orange
Teal Blue
Wedgewood Blue